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There are many opportunities to adventure and experience the outdoors in Utah. When you’re planning to go on your next outdoor adventure, we suggest that you visit our team at Destination Upfitters. We have a wide variety of camping equipment and camping accessories to help you get ready for your next outdoor trip. Whether you’re looking for personal camping equipment like hammocks, tents, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, and more, or camping accessories that attach to your vehicle, we have what you’re looking for!

Our help doesn’t stop there! If you buy any camping accessory that needs to be added to your vehicle, our team will do it at our store! We offer camping equipment and accessories from a variety of outdoor brands like Klymit, Rightline, Overland Vehicle Systems, AreaBFE, and more to help you find what you need for your camping adventure. We want to ensure that you’re fully equipped and prepared for any situation that you may encounter outdoors. Be sure to visit our team at Destination Upfitters today in South Jordan!





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  • Mamba 3 Clamshell Tent

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    The Mamba III is the best in class all Aluminum-Bodied Hard Side Roof Top Tent with more standard included options. The Mamba III has a Set Up and Put Away time of less than a minute. For Set Up: Unlock two latches, pull down your ladder and insert 2 window rods. Reverse the process for Put Away. The Overland Vehicle Systems Mamba III comes standard with an Anti-Condensation Mat under the thick 2” Mattress, Standard Functional and Removable Cross Bars for additional exterior storage, an insulated honeycomb base, and enough interior space to store bedding when closed. The Mamba III Roof Top Tent also comes with 1 Adjustable Interior Pop-Up Strut for additional support for when weight has been added to the cross bars. The Mamba III Roof Top Tent has a clean, rugged, durable, sleek and an aerodynamic design compared to traditional Roof Top Tents.

  • CVT – Mt. Triumph Tent Small 51″ Gray

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    Side opening Clamshell\nExtended awning over the entry to protect from the elements\nIncludes annex for even more protection\n2 Shoe Bags and pockets inside the tent for storage\n8 Telescoping Ladder\nSleeping Capacity 2\nInterior LED Light
  • CVT – Pioneer – Rainier EV

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    Redefining baseline, the Pioneer Series has been helping pioneers of every kind level up their adventures for over 10 years and has set the industry standard.
  • Bushveld Hard Shell Roof Top Tent – 4 Person

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    Hard shell roof top tent. Features waterproof cover, Marine Grade 304 stainless steel latches and hardware.

  • Bushveld II Hard Shell Tent

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    The Overland Vehicle Systems Bushveld II Hard Shell Roof Top Tent is a 4-Season cantilever designed Roof Top Tent. The Bushveld Name is based on a sub-tropical woodland ecoregion of Southern Africa. The Overland Vehicle Systems Bushveld Hard II Shell Roof Top Tent has one of the largest sleeping areas on the market today; 84” x 64”. The stylish one-piece Hard Shell shell is aerodynamic and simple to use with 3 easy to use latches. Once the Roof Top Tent is released, the top will open and then flip the bottom out to extend the mattress out. The Bushveld II is designed to provide plenty of space for the entire family.

  • Nomadic 3 Roof Top Tent

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    Features:?Marine Grade 600D Rip-Stop Polyester Cotton Canvas Water Proof Body, 420D Polyester Oxford Waterproof Rain Fly, 110g Fade-less Gaze Breathable Windows, 3″ High Density Foam Mattress with Quilted Cotton Cover, Insulated Base, Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hardware, 1000g Transportation Cover, Tubular Telescoping Ladder, Six Built In Storage Pockets, Storage Loft, Power Bank Pouch, Hand Held LED Light, LED Velcro Strip & Bonus Pack

    What’s Included &?Features:

    Size Closed 63″ x 47″ x 14 (WxLxH)

    Size Open 63″ x 122″ x 51(WxLxH)

    Sleeping Foot Print 63″ x 94.5″ (WxL)

    Sleeping Capacity: 3 Plus

    Weight Capacity:

    Roof Top Tent Body: Manufactured out of 600D Rip Stop Polyester Cotton Canvas Waterproof Material

    Rain-Fly Sheet: Manufactured from a 420D Polyester Oxford Waterproof Material

    Doors & Windows: 120g Environmental Fadeless Gaze Breathable

    Waterproofing: PU2500

    Mattress: 3″ High Density Foam Mattress with Washable Cotton Cover

    Shoe Bag: Large Internal Pouch With Two External Storage Pouches

    Poles: Aluminum Anodize Light Weight Construction with Black Sleeve

    Straps: Heavy Duty Ballistic Nylon

    Storage Fixed: Internal 6 built in Large Pockets

    Base: Insulated Heavy Duty Diamond Plate Base

    Storage: Removeable Loft Storage & Battery Bank Storage

    Hinges: Marine Grade 304 Stainless Steel

    Hand Light Portable: Held LED Light With Clip & Magnet

    Transportation Cover: 1000G PVC Cover With Heavy Duty Straps ? Black

    Flexible Light 40″ LED Light Strip Plugs Into Standard USB

    Ladder: 96″ Tubular Adjustable With Locking Strap and Hinges

    Warranty: 4 Year Limited Warranty

    Color: White Body With Dark Gray Top

    Stakes and Paracord:? Comes with 2 Ground Stakes and 2 Paracords

    Door Mat: 1000G PVC Floor Mat

    Storage: 1000G PVC Roll and Velcro Stake and Paracord Organizational Storage Bag

    *Only 2 Ground stakes are included Image shows 12 Ground Stakes for the purpose of displaying annex or awning stakes can be stored in storage wrap as well


    Fitment:?Anything with a factory or aftermarket roof rack. Please confirm rack weight capacity prior if you?re unsure.

    Installation:?Requires no drilling or modification to your vehicle if equipped with factory or aftermarket roof rack.

  • Roof Top Tent

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    A 1.3M wide roof top tent that is 2.4M long when set up. The super-low 330mm profile reduces wind resistance while on the road and lowers the vehicle’s total height. The Front Runner Roof Top Tent is the lowest profile roof top tent on the market!​​

  • Komodo Camp Kitchen –  Dual Grill, Skillet, Folding Shelves, and Rocket Tower – Stainless Steel

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    The Overland Vehicle Systems Komodo Portable Camp Kitchen is the perfect option for anyone looking for a durable, lightweight kitchen that is easy to transport. Made with aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel, this kitchen is tough enough for any outdoor adventure. It’s also compact and lightweight, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. Whether you’re camping, overlanding, or just grilling at home, the Komodo Portable Camp Kitchen will make meal preparation easier than ever!
  • The Dude – Complete

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    Cowboy Cauldron’s THE DUDE is made from solid plate steel and has a 24” basin weighing in at 35 pounds. Big enough to hold a normal campfire, it comes with a grill, rain cover, and more.
  • Nomadic Awning 270 Only With Dark Gray & Black Travel Cover – Passenger Side – – No Brackets, No Hardware, No Accessories

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    This OVS 270 Passenger Side Awning features durable construction and an easy setup! These covers are manufactured out of 280G poly cotton rip stop material that has heat-sealed seams which ensure you’re not going to see any leaks through seams regardless of the size of rain you’re dealing with.

  • Nomadic Awning 270 Only With Dark Gray & Black Travel Cover – Driver Side – – No Brackets, No Hardware, No Accessories

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    OVS driver side awning. You’ve come to the right place for a quick deploying one-person operation awning that gives you 129 square feet of shelter. Unlike other awnings, Overland Vehicle Systems’ Nomadic 270 requires no poles to set up because of the pair of reinforced oversized hinges and heavy-duty rafters.
  • Nomadic Awning 180

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    Features: 88 Square Feet of Freestanding Covered Shelter, 600D Poly Cotton Rip-Stop Cover, Boxed Aluminum Rafters, Pivoting Aluminum Adjustable Poles, Tie Down Points for Securing Poles and Water Run Off, 1000G PVC Travel Cover With #10 Zipper, Ballistic Nylon Tie Downs With S Connects and Buckle, Shock Cord With Retention, Zippers To Secure Enclosed Shelter, Heavy Duty Oversized Stakes

    What’s included: 180 Degree Awning With 4 Built-In Aluminum Rafters , 3 Pivoting & Telescoping Aluminum Poles + 2 Telescoping Aluminum Poles, 4 Sets of Shock Cord, 4 Heavy Duty Stakes, Travel Cover, 3 Heavy Duty Mounting Brackets and Hardware, Nylon Reinforced Tie Down Kit

    Opened: 240″ x 78.5″  Closed: 88” x 7” x 6”

    Fitment: Anything with a factory or aftermarket roof rack. Please confirm rack weight capacity prior if you’re unsure.

    Installation: Will accommodate most factory and aftermarket racks.

    Warranty: Four Year Limited Warranty

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